Contact with nature, clean air, luxury and warm hospitality


Select the MONI EMVASIS for honeymoon incomparable happiness!

Envision the perfect setting for your honeymoon and share with us your dream … Just imagine the amazing beauty of Monemvasia, the mystery in the city’s atmosphere, the sun and add a few more touches to the surroundings. Our experience combined with your wishes will give to you the best results stay in our beauty stylish wedding suites MONI EMVASIS. Plan a romantic dinner in our restaurant and refresh the sweetest contract of your life, your marriage. Live unforgettable wedding moments and enjoy a variety of experiences.


The restaurant Chrisovoulo Restaurant & Bar opened refreshed with new Wine Bar!

His name was borrowed from official documents and precious imperial Byzantine period and certify that the flavors in the “golden bull” bear golden seal of quality and high enjoyment. Through the most delicious union of the rich culinary tradition of Monemvasia with the creative ability of our internationally acclaimed chef, dishes born destined to satisfy palates. On the ground floor of the same building, the intimate space of our bar promises a wide range of carefully selected local wines and gourmet appetizers.


Most carefully chosen products of Laconian land

Educating our palates and ourselves at the start of our day in a tasty and healthy breakfast in our hotel takes care to provide you every morning with a wide hello locality and Greek character. The inexhaustible gastronomic richness of our country – with all the simplicity, purity and chastity of local products – expressed in the most delicious way through an authentic Greek breakfast. Each morning guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast consisting of natural flavors and some of your favorite traditional recipes of Monemvasia with the freshest selected ingredients.


For each family individually to choose the perfect holiday destination is a long story.

But all have one common denominator: for the grown ups to rest and the kids to have fun ! And that combined with a nice scenery, good food, economy and service! What moves us more in MONI EMVASIS, is to offer our customers the family warmth and tranquility, combined with the security, indescribable natural beauty. The hotel selected for you and your family combines top quality holidays in a pleasant environment for parents, and many activities for children. Experience the most pleasant time of year with lots of smiles and endless recreation and spend quality time with your family with us.


Monemvasia, an ancient Byzantine citadel imbued in legend was destined to provide its rich bounty to countless generations with abundance.

So few wines, carry such an historical pedigree such as that of the renowned Monemvasios or Monemvasiotis wine; later to be renamed by the Venetian and Genoan traders of the 13 century A.D., as the Malvasia wine. Its reputation reached far beyond the confines of the region and was to be found in the most reputable ‘salons’ of European noble Dom throughout the medieval and renaissance eras during which times,it reached its peak.

Sea & Outdoor Activities

The area of Monemvasia is the ideal destination for lovers of sea and nature.

It is endowed with many beautiful beaches, as throughout the peninsula the steep slopes of Parnon ending sea of Kyparissi to Cape Malea – there are dozens of options for swimming and water activities. Especially friends of windsurf and kitesurf will find in the area some of the best places in Greece to practice their favorite sport. It would not be an exaggeration to call one area of Monemvasia as the paradise of hiking. From north to south of the peninsula there are dozens of routes, combining spectacular mountain and coastal scenery of the Peloponnesian nature with picturesque villages and historical monuments from all eras.