Our Philosophy

Enjoy your accommodation in one of our suites in Monemvasia


Taking “good life” as our motto and you as our main focus...

Taking “good life” as our motto and you as our main focus, our team, made up of people with unique ideas, ardent desire and unconditional love for the unusual beauty of Monemvasia, created a unique base that will make your getaways a perfect dream. Precious like artwork and lovable at first sight, Monemvasia is a destination experience for its unique audience. Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites with a rare beauty comparable to the beauty of the small paradise of Lakonia invite those who are driven by their free spirit and aesthetics, in quest of a unique overall experience.

Chrisovoulo Bar & Restaurant

A name, that has ancient roots in imperial writs, which belongs to a long gone Byzantine era.

The ‘Chrisovoulo’ carries with it a golden seal of excellence that will delight even the most demanding connoisseur of eclectic gastronomic cuisine. Cuisine, that is based on local Monemvasian and Greek tradition which, has been masterfully recreated to meet contemporary palates. Internationally renowned Chef Michalis Dounetas aims to take you on a gastronomic tour of the region that will heighten your holiday experience immeasurably .


Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites welcomes guests throughout the year to experience firsthand, the sumptuous surroundings and stunning sea views from their private balconies.


Designed to provide the most quality amenities and attentive to every functional detail, the Luxury Suites welcome you warmly with all modern comforts.

Special Offers

We are delighted that you have chosen to spend your holidays at Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites and we would appreciate very much if you could spare some time to see our offers.
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Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites with the elegant and traditional architecture overlooking the turquoise waters of the Myrtοo sea and located into the Kastropoliteia in Monemvasia, invites travelers to experience a truly magical stay.
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The guests of Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites have the opportunity to enjoy true luxury and simplicity in perfect harmony and surrender to the luxurious facilities tailored to their needs and desires and experience a luxurious stay.
monemvasia grece sejour - Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites


Inspired by the hospitality of the Greeks since Homer’s time, our suites, Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites, in a landscaped area with the best hosts and the sweetest welcome, offers all the amenities, harmony and relaxation.